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รีวิว Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

TATCHII ผิวมัน 20-24 Yrs 33 รีวิว

03/02/2013 00:14

I have this in Mochachica.It's a good product but I don't feel like that much.This isn't pigmented. It's just a clear gloss with tons of glitters. The color in the tube is not going on your lip but it provides shine. What I love most about this is the scent! The smell and taste are fabulous.You can feel that your lip is yummy. This moisturize last for an amazing long time! However,it's too sticky for my opinion. I would recommend it for those who don't mind a sticky and enjoy high shine because it is super glossy. My favour is like a mocha-chocolate.This favour is discontinue but I heard that VS has lots of favour which are gorgeous scent too.

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