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รีวิว Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Item Name Foundation Primer
Category Base/Primer
(อันดับที่ 6 ประจำสัปดาห์)

TATCHII ผิวมัน 20-24 Yrs 33 รีวิว

04/02/2013 12:41

I have no idea why many Thai people say they fall in love with product. I'm absolutely disappointed with it. It doesn't help any my makeup better at all ! My pores still obvious. My skin texture still the same as no using. I doesn't feel my skin smoother. This is not an oil-control so it doesn't help my oil-control problem. I doesn't notice that the makeup stay on longer lasting. I would say "this is nothing". I love to search on the internet about product reviews from foreign and they say like my opinion that this is nothing. I'm so confused with Thai people who say this is amazing stuff. I want to ask them that you love it is because of the price (pricey) or the real effective.

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