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รีวิว Hiruscar Hiruscar

Hiruscar Hiruscar

Brand Hiruscar
Item Name Hiruscar
Category Face Gel
(อันดับที่ 42 ประจำสัปดาห์)

TATCHII ผิวมัน 20-24 Yrs 33 รีวิว

11/03/2013 23:07

I didn't notice that this helps my rednesses and scars as much as I want. It takes so long time to be obvious in the effect. Plus this cannot help to reduce an acne or blemish too. I didn't find this is smoothen my skin at all. However, the texture is a clear gel which is not dehydrate my imperfections and this can find easy in a drugstore in very cheap price.

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  • ดรักสโตร์ (เช่น วัตสัน, บู๊ทส์)

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