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รีวิว Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Brand Shiseido
Category Serum
(อันดับที่ 17 ประจำสัปดาห์)

REVIEW & RATING by vista054

vista054 ผิวผสม 20-24 Yrs 145 รีวิว

15/10/2014 11:19

We wish we could say that Shiseido was kidding with this serum, because the formula is not only amazingly boring but also front-loaded with denatured alcohol, one of the most pro-aging ingredients known! Fighting signs of aging gets a lot harder when so much alcohol is present (you'll smell and feel it)—and, shockingly, despite all the statistical hype, this serum contains barely anything of true value for aging skin. It's mostly water, alcohol, glycerin, silicone for a silky feel, film-forming agent, and preservative. See the More Info section to learn more about how alcohol interacts negatively with skin.

What's particularly upsetting is that this sheer serum is supposed to strengthen skin's environmental defenses and ability to withstand stress. Knowing this, our question to Shiseido is why they're using one of the most stressing ingredients to skin, one research has shown break down rather than builds up healthy skin? And the fragrance ingredients added to the mix don't help matters, because these pose a risk of irritation for all skin types.

In the end, this serum isn't concentrated with anything amazing for skin. The teeny-tiny amount of intriguing ingredients (such as a form of beta-glucan) it contains don't make this worth the investment. Instead, look to any of the options on our list of Best Serums.

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