A Guide to Mix-and-Match sportswear for Casual Look
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A Guide to Mix-and-Match sportswearfor Casual Look

Although sportswear was theclothing made just for sports purposes but today it has become fashion-forwardtrends for all year round as the active style. Incorporate sport to the streetstyle with a guide to mix-and-match the sportswear for a casual lookthat you’ll look more active and effortlessly chic beyond the same informalwear you used to be.


1. sweatshirt andcycling shorts

From the bike path to the street,get back to the 90’s iconic with cycling shorts that can be made to lookelegant and polished as casual and cool style. Bike shorts are comfy and viableoptions to go with any tops, especially sweatshirt. Any colors and motif of sweatshirt can get along with thebasic tone of shorts. Then add a pair of heeled sandals or statement sneakerswith a shoulder bag at last for the com-bo fashion in the spring and summeraround.

2. Cropped Topsand Tights

Pull off the style from the officeon the weekend with an easier and active pair of cropped tops and tights thatyou’ll love to wear. Whether you prefer sleeveless, short or long sleeves, theyare good to go with the sport tights. Add a pop of personality to your outfitsnot feel like finishing from the yoga class with a hoody jacket or loose cardiganfrom your stock and finish with your favorite sneakers. 

3. Sport Bras andjogger pants

Show off your curve but not to benaked in sports bras and jogger pants, giving you a chic look indifference. This look can be adapted inmany ways. If you need something to cover your tops, you can finish your lookwith outerwear like a straight-cut blazer or flannel shirt from your wardrobe.You can create your own style by favorite color and prints for the bras and joggerpants. Don’t forget to accessorize the outfit with a trendy bucket hat andmetallic necklace.

4. Hoodies andLeggings

The combo of sporty hoodies andstretch leggings are super stylish and provides an edgy without trying for thecasual look. Get sassier to choose cropped hoodies that balanced your bottomout. Get more inspired to play it cool without veering into sloppy, pickouterwear for more elevated style in a denim jacket and bring some extra shoeslike low top sneakers or Chelsea boots to the equitation.

5. Sport Bras,shorts and Jackets

Get and achieve the ultimate sportylook for the weekend plan in the superset of sports bras, shorts, and jackets.You can match shorts and jackets in the same color and choose the bras indifferent tones. Contrast colors will do it best, just try out to mix the navy,black or white jackets then accent it with colorful or neon bras. Or, if youprefer neutral shades, black and white will work for you that are easy to pairwith other pieces.

The sportswear are not wornfor the sport activities anymore, they are versatile and sophisticated trendthat are worn for every-day-look which someone misses out to follow. Make anedgy from the same casual style with athletic fashion that will take over yourwardrobe without any doubt.

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