Get Inspired to Rock Turtlenecks in the Summer
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Get Inspired to Rock Turtlenecks in the Summer

Whoever said we can’t wear aturtleneck in the summer? If you’re thinking like that, think about it again.Turtlenecks are timeless staples to give you a sophisticated and chic look fromrunway to the street style, even we live in the heat weather! Let’s check outyour favourite look to turn your turtlenecksinto youreveryday wear for rocking this summer!

1. Turtlenecks +Cigarettes

Rock this classic pieces in modernstyle with a pair of tailored cigarette trousers, just like a black or whitestand up collar turtlenecks and tuck it in high waist check print pants.Then add a little edge to your outfit with statement earrings and handbags andfinish them with high heels in the same shades of your tops to take your daythrough the night.

2. Turtlenecks +Flares

Our turtlenecks don’t mean just longsleeves only, but you can wear sleeveless turtlenecks on the warmer dayswithout a doubt. Whether you go shopping or hang-out with friends, sleevelesswill never go wrong with flared trousers. Look marvelous to a monochromaticcolour combination that’s perfect for skin tone, eyes, and hair. Don’t forgetto carry a clutch bag or shoulder bag, and enhance your look with theright one sunglasses and sandals.

3. Turtlenecks +Long Shorts

Not complicated but sophisticated -if you enjoy relaxed dressing, this look will be yours. Denim is alwayseveryone’s favourite, so find long denim shorts to match with your turtlenecks.Of course, turtlenecks in neutral shades can work with denim so well. Layerover them with a retro-inspired brown vest from H&M or jacket over and wear on-trend red crossbody bags andstrappy sandals to finish things off. But if you prefer somethingathletic, cycling shorts and trainers are really great to go with turtlenecksas well.

4. Turtleneck +Pleated Skirts

There is nothing wrong to wearwearing an all-black outfit. Why don’t you try to wear thin black turtlenecksin striped patterns with pleated skirts? Both of the items are versatilemust-haves to integrate your current styles perfectly. Black over the kneeboots and a shearling biker jacket will add a sense of sultry polish tothis look. Then complete with a clutch bag. Please remember, turtlenecksand pleated skirts in any lengths are the off-duty combo to pull everythingtogether every time.

5. Turtlenecks +Dresses

Take it one step further - you canwear your favourite pieces throughout the years to layer your turtlenecks undera summer dresses. The turtlenecks can work with every neckline from a deep-V tocrew ones. Just choose basic thin turtlenecks in black or white, then you canlayer it with a simple plunging or slip dresses in any colours and patterns.Now it’s easy to pick your duo-accessories that match with your outfits such asankle boots and leather bags or white trainers and top-handle bags to balancethe outfits.

  You might got someideas to wear the turtlenecks for transitional weather even the heat days. Youwill feel fresh and stay on trend in the summer in unexpected way that you’venever done before. We promise you will never disappointed to try it out.

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