Wear Shirt Dresses in 6 Ways with a Statement this Summer
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Wear Shirt Dresses in 6 Ways with a Statement this Summer   

Shirt dresses are wardrobe hero for many ones. Anyway, their designs are quitesimple, so we need something to make it become more eye-catching outfits forwarmer days. Now let’s turn the simple outfits into incredible pieces with howto wear shirt dresses in six ways with a statement this summer from us.We promise you will get an idea to style your shirt dresses that youwill love to wear. Check it out!

1. Casual Military

If you want to make a statement butyou do not want to add too many accessories on you. You should own the shirtdress in khaki shades for creating the sophisticated military look instantly. Ashort shirt dress is easy to go with any shoes or tank top from H&M and bags just like sneakers and a crossbody bag or ankle bootswith totes. That’s all, you will look chic without trying hard.

2. Stylish at Work

A classic white and sky blue is theperfect pieces for heading to work in real, but all you need is a cool blazer.If you are into white, black or beige blazers will work with it, and stylishwhite outerwear can go along with blue dresses. Then top off this outfit with astatement shoulder bag and heel sandals to keep you professional and elegantthis way.

3. Bold with Belt

Smarten up your shirt dress with abold belt just like dark denim with the skinny gold belt or black dresses witha large leather one to balance your figure without looking sloppy and add morepersonality to you more. You can complete the outfit with a pair of black leggingsmatching with flat shoes or heels and a clutch that can go with them.

4. SophisticatedOuterwear

It is time to change your shirtdress to the new outerwear. Rock this summer with a favourite tee tucked intoyour denim shorts or jeans, and wear a shirt dress over them with strappysandals or loafers. Finish with a chic canvas tote bag to make this lookrelaxed but still get anyone’s eyes on you without a doubt.

5. Over WidePants 

Maybe you have tried to wear your nice t shirt dress over leggings or skinny jeans. We are here to giveyou some retro inspiration to match your shirt dress with wide-leg pants thatmake you feel relaxed and comfortable more than other pants for warmer days. Itis easy to match with white trainers, ankle boots or other shoes youlike. 

6. Rock the Road

For the last style, it is the righttime to show up some sleeveless shirt dress idea. Get the vintage-inspired totry on sleeveless design to pair with cool rounded sunglasses and hit the roadwith combat boots and a large leather backpack or tote bag. It isincredible put-together. Don’t be afraid to try it!

  Although the printed t shirts dresses are reallyperfect on their own, other clothing and accessories are also necessary tocreate the best look in style for any occasion as well. Have fun to create anew look and show you off in the shirt dress with a statement this summer fromnow on. 

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