Get Summer Inspiration to Mix & Match a Vest
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Get SummerInspiration to Mix & Match a Vest 

Nothing is better than having a vest or sleeveless tops inyour wardrobe in the summertime. You can match with other clothing andaccessories in several ways, but first, you need to own a trendy piece and howto style it in the right way. Here are the styles and inspirations to mix andmatch a vest from H&M for an effortlessly chic look on different occasions this summer.

1. Shoulder-paddedT-shirt

Padded t-shirts are now must-haveitems that add more structure and balance to your outfit by the pads more thannormal t-shirts. Its difference and cut will trend up your look without anytry. Keep your look basic but edgy with a pair of baggy jeans and a padded top,and thrown on statement accessories like metallic and jewelry necklace, aleather belt, and heels. You can switch to the sports look to fill up your topswith culottes orcycling shorts, white trainers, and a baseball cap instead of the items above.

2. Crop Tank

No matters day or night, basic croptanks are always good to go with anything and also shows a hint of your skinwell. The secret of celebrities to create a perfect off-duty outfit is adding astatement piece. Style a crop top with flare jeans and ankle boots andfinish with a long cardigan and a bucket hat to cover your skin from the sun.Hangout at the bar with a monochrome look in a white crop top and black pant.Pull out everything together with a black leather coat and leather heels.Monochromic never falls anyone down.


3. Lace Top

Give a flirty and sexy mood to yourcasual looks with cute fabrics of lace tops. Walk around the city or have lunchwith your day by wearing lace tops with flare jeans or denim shorts,trainers or sandals, and a denim jacket. Try to smarten up yourlace tops with the same colors of blazer and dressed trousers. Black, white,and other neutral shades are always on-trend. But if you prefer bright colors,shocking pink and lemon can work to make this summer colorful more and more.

4. Flounced Style

If you are looking for somethingflutter and cute, vest tops with ruffled detail are your option. Itcannot only help to dress up your outfit but still look polished and feminineinstantly. Opt for a white ruffled top and beige paper bag shorts or dungareeswith a sun hat to take your time at the beach to the night concert. Or, you canmatch a sleeveless ruffled top in solid colors with a mini floral skirt, whitetrainers or sandals. Complete the look with a denim jacket, readyto go to the café.

  Here are fourways, four vests that you should own for the summer. They are perfect andstaple for easy summer dressing, from basic to structure ones. There are manyof vests to experiment and create a new look in million ways, so do not beafraid to try it. Have fun to style the vests for the warmer days and adapt itinto your style. No one can stops you to stock on them. This is a must!

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