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รีวิว L'oreal Youth Code Pre Essence

L'oreal Youth Code Pre Essence

Brand L'oreal
Category Essence
(อันดับที่ 36 ประจำสัปดาห์)


TATCHII ผิวมัน 20-24 Yrs 33 รีวิว

10/01/2013 12:44

I heard many foreign reviwers said this almost similar to Lancome Genifique.
Of cause,I really wanted to try and decided to run out and buy it after
this available in Thailand on end of June'12. I have no wrinkle problem
but this is going to improve my skin in over all. The few weeks I used
this.It's so amazing.My skin seem more even tone,scars seem gone and
minimizie pores.It absorbs super quick.The texture is very light but I dislike
the packaging which is a dropper.After I used for more weeks,I feel like
it cause me breaking out,pomples appeared but not sure if that was from
the product or from trying out too many thinds at once?So I stopped using it then decided to use it again and I broke out! I refuse to use this product on my face.Now,I'm using
this on my neck until it wiil be used up. :((

I love to share my makeup look and more product reviews on my instagram
thank you.

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