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laquo Back to VCU Test Prep homepage If you're not properly prepared, some of the wording of SAT questions seem as though they're meant to trick you. Your tutor can help you pay attention to reading questions carefully, and then help you understand what they're asking for. One example is if a question includes a double-negative. Without knowing to look for this, you could end up giving the exact opposite of the correct answer. You can spend time in your SAT classes with your tutor reviewing the trickier wording you might see in order to help you get familiar with them. This can make them less daunting, and once you're able to understand what a question asks, you can answer more quickly. The course will include sessions with direct teacher instruction and will focus on the test format, commonly encountered question constructions, helpful test taking strategies, and subject-specific knowledge. Students will be expected to take practice SAT tests on their own, and some instruction will focus on the problems that students encounter with the exam. The four different sessions will be offered to accommodate student schedules. The courses are open to all students entering their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade years.



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